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Multidisciplinary Theatre Artist


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That's Me!

Jhona is a graduating theater artist involved in lighting design, playwriting, and scenic design. A large portion of his work revolves around the electrics department, including multiple credits as Lighting Designer, Head Electrician, Spotlight Coordinator, Board Operator, and (most expansively) Electrician.Along with his other credits for work as a playwright and and Assistant Scenic Designer, he has an exploratory background in many crafts/hobbies, including but not limited to illustration, 3D modeling, coding, crocheting, sewing, and tinkering.

Lighting Design

Productions Shown Here:
- Caucasian Chalk Circle Fall 2023
- R.I.P. or Restoration in Progress Winter 2023
- Fall 2023 Playwrighting Projects Select Examples


Works that have either been produced or are actively being worked on can be found on NPX.


Most of what you'll see of mine posted online.Open to general inquiries via email or DMs through my socials on my portfolio, commission status, experience, etc.

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