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Multidisciplinary Artist


This website is still under construction.

Links may not work, images may be low quality or missing entirely. Items may be missing text. It's gonna happen, just give me some time to update it.Generally, you can find me relatively active on any of these socials:

That's Me!

Jhona is a studying theater artist, working in playwriting and theatrical design in both lighting and scenic, as well as indulging in self expression through illustration. Including his lighting design for this work, he has done lighting for various new works such as “CLOWNTOWN” and “This Thing of Darkness” in MMC’s Playwriting Projects, lighting for People’s Theatre Project’s 2022 production of “We The People”, and assisting the lighting designer on MMC’s “Mr. Burns: A Post Electric Play”. For playwriting, he had his short play “The Interview” produced during MMC’s Spring 2022 Playwriting Projects. He hopes to continue his journey of storytelling through writing, lighting, and any form of artistic expression he can get his hands on, as well as continue to support others in their artistic expressions through his work.


What I'm most known for online and most familiar with doing as a service. From concept design to fanart to just silly sh*tposts, it's all up for grabs.Commissions are not available at the moment while I'm in school and working on other things, but check out my portfolio while you wait!

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Lighting Design

The medium I'm most invested in at the moment. Working as a freelance lighting designer and electrics technician throughout NYC and attempting to branch out into the Boston area relatively soon.


With some micro-productions produced, this is the most time consuming of the three. Some of my work is posted on New Play Exchange while I work on newer and newer pieces as I learn more about the world and the life I surround myself with.

...and some other stuff!

Some film/tv stuff, some scenic design, a little bit of web design and programming; I've touched a few things along the way. A lot of them are hobbies, of course, but could very well develop into another career path. Who knows! I sure don't.

Contact Me

Any questions? Want to inquire on a service? Email me here!My best point of contact is always written message, so just shoot me a quick email and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

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